Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Simple Poem for Sastra

 Truly Gratitude for All the Magnificent Lecturers in Sastra)

You’ve made our days brighter
You’ve enriched us with your existence
You’ve given us the true friendships that will always stay true in our minds and hearts
Your beautiful hands give us example how to be persistent

In Sastra
We got so many troubles
That make us capable
To handle everything
In our future life

In Sastra
We know how to respect each other
Through the principle of humanism
Every single of human beings…
Even they have different colours and cultures
You’ve made us learn about ethics
That does not allow us to hurt somebody else
Someday we will struggle everything in the name of the truth

In Sastra
We got knowledge and understanding to everything
Because we should use not only our minds but also our hearts
To balance our life through art
It’s not only how to understand Shakespeare and his masterpieces
But you exercise us how to understand our own life

In Sastra
It is our moment of truth
That has changed our life
To behave using our self-assurance

We have learned much from you
Your beautiful hands touch us gently
Then we can always be more than we are

Now this is the time for us
To repay your kindness
That you’ve given to us these years

Only the two words…
Maybe a million words of thank you are not enough…
But maybe we will do our best
Not to make you disappointed
Not to make you embarrassed
We will do our best as our “THANK YOU” to you, SASTRA!
For everything you’ve done for us
For all the knowledge
For your sacrifice

Now we’ll continue our walks…
In our paths of life
And begin our new days outside there
But again we realize
Sastra is everything for us…
Because without you
We are nothing…

By Linggayani – 02. 80. 0044
In the greatest moment in my life!
Graduation day – Sastra Dec. 2005